This is our first blog post!

This year’s weather is much nicer than last year, there are still flowers out. The next harvest is when the flowers are gone! The honey crop is looking good and hopefully this nice weather and rain will hold out until mid-July, if so, it would be awesome.

06-26-23- The 2023 honey harvest is now history, this year we produced around 350 pounds. The 82 chevy flatbed has been sold but was quickly replaced with a 2011 Chevy 350HD 4×4, crew cab flatbed. The 82 was a great truck but the world was a lot slower back then. With a top speed of 60 mph, it just didn’t fit in today’s world, but, would have been ideal on a big farm.

The chicken raising and egg production is doing fair, this heat has almost cut the daily egg count in half.

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